This page outlines our commissioned work process and provides a contact form at the bottom of the page.  To shop our current didgeridoo inventory, visit the “Available Products” page.

Austin Aboriginal Instruments works with individuals and organizations to create single instruments and full collections as commissioned works. We are happy to discuss with interested patrons any specific project they may have in mind.

Commissioned works may include:

  • Instruments made of specific wood species;
  • Instruments made from wood provided by the client;
  • Instruments tuned to specific musical keys;
  • Instruments made from matching or complimentary wood species to form a set;
  • Texas-made instruments featuring commissioned painted art by Yolngu aboriginal artists;
  • Instruments featuring highly custom work or innovative instrument designs.

Please keep in mind we are a partnership of two artists otherwise employed full time and, as such, our commission timelines are often longer than patrons may initially anticipate.  That said, expectations will be clearly established with patrons during initial project meetings/conversations.  Prices of commissioned works vary widely and will also be agreed upon with patrons prior to the start of any project work.

To begin your commission, please feel free to contact us using the form below and we will be happy to produce your ideal Texas-made didgeridoos.