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This page provides information for curators, concert organizers, and educators who wish to contract our services.  Explore the content below for descriptions of available services and relevant booking information. To view our calendar of events – and to review past events – visit our Calendar of Events page.

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Our collection of Texas made didgeridoos is available for inclusion in galleries, exhibitions, and art shows internationally.  We are able to provide expert level interpretive consultation, exhibition project management, and logistical coordination in support of collaborating curators and exhibitors.  As each project will vary widely in scope, please contact us to discuss your needs and how we may assist you.

AAI founder Eliot Stone is also available for talks that correspond with exhibitions of Aboriginal art and music.  His talks address issues surrounding the history of colonialism in Australia, the impact of colonialism on Aboriginal art production, efforts to integrate Aboriginal art into modern and contemporary conceptions of art, the commodification and global sale of Aboriginal art, and future directions in Aboriginal art production, collection, and exhibition. Talks vary widely in length and focus and will be developed in collaboration with curators.

For summaries of past exhibitions and talks, please visit out Calendar of Events page.

AAI founder Eliot Stone provides solo musical performances that integrate a variety of didgeridoo performance styles with story-telling to introduce audiences to the didgeridoo, Australian Yolngu Aboriginal culture, and the global popularization of the didgeridoo through personal stories of journeys that lead to his development as a musician and performer. This educational set is particularly well suited for private events, classrooms, university lectures, and small performance venues, and runs between 30 and 45 minutes.

AAI artists Eliot Stone and RP Watson are also available for musical performances as a collaboration along with a full world music ensemble.  Performing under the name Antares, the group incorporates sounds of the didgeridoo with electric guitar, djembe, tabla, Iranian vocals, a contemporary steel drum called the handpan, and throat singing.  Please contact us with any questions.

For summaries of past performances, please visit out Calendar of Events page.

AAI founder Eliot Stone offers didgeridoo performance workshops that cater to a variety of levels of skill, from absolute beginner to the advanced.   With over a decade of international experience as a didgeridoo instructor, Eliot is able to successfully coach didgeridoo players in English, Dutch, and Russian. Eliot’s workshops can range in duration from one to three hours in length and will accommodate groups of up to 30 students.

Eliot also offers private lessons to students who prefer one on one instruction.  The lessons begin with an exploratory one and a half hour session to determine the student’s skill level and to establish a teacher student relationship.  Following the first lesson, subsequent lessons are sold in bundles of three to incentivize commitment to the instrument.  Please contact us with any questions.

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