Growing Toward the Light

The Las Moras Creek in Brackettville, Texas flows from freshwater springs through oak bottoms and pecan groves, which themselves are surrounded by endless desert chaparral. Many of the trees that find life in this oasis compete for the precious water, seeking ingenious methods to break through the forest canopy into sunlight.  This live oak branch grew at extreme angles from a larger main branch, following the forces of phototropism to reach the light that sustains the tree. Once the tree grew to substantial height, this branch was no longer needed and dropped to the forest floor. Some survival strategies only work for a while, but the overall goal remains the same: grow toward the light.

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Additional information

Didge Name

Growing Toward the Light

Wood Type

Live Oak


5' 7"

Mouthpiece Diameter

1 1/8"

Bell-End Diameter

4 3/4" x 5 1/4"

Drone Fundamental


Horn Tones

D, A, E, G


Two-Part Epoxy


Eliot Stone